• Weekends are the perfect time to slow down and enjoy a leisurely breakfast with the family.

    Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, these quick and easy recipes will make your Saturday and Sunday mornings delicious and stress-free. From fluffy pancakes to savoury egg dishes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

    Quick and easy breakfast recipe roundup

    1. Smoky baked beans breakfast bowls

    Packed with nutrients! Quick and easy to whip up and guaranteed to become a family favourite.

    Smoky baked bean breakfast bowls

    2. Open mushroom omelette

    One of the easiest breakfast recipes is our open mushroom omelette! Tender mushrooms nestled in fluffy eggs, this dish is a hearty and versatile option.

    Open mushroom omelette

    3. Smashed peas and avo toast

    Who doesn’t love a good avo and toast for breakfast? Try this smashed peas and avo toast recipe as your next breakfast option. You’ll thank us later – the best part? Super quick and easy to make.

    Smashed peas and avo toast

    4. Savoury breakfast waffles

    Delicious for lazy weekend brunches, the deep flavours of sun-dried tomato, haloumi and thyme perfectly complement a soft-yolk fried egg.

    Savoury breakfast waffles

    5. French toast stacks

    These crunchy layers are full of yummy savoury delights. Who could resist a golden stack of bacon, tomatoes and cheese? A delicious new brunch idea.

    French toast stacks

    6. Scrumptious breakfast bagels

    If you’re looking to make breakfast extra special while still sticking to something quick and easy, this scrumptious breakfast bagel recipe is just what you need!

    Scrumptious breakfast bagels

    7. Peanut butter & jam single-serve oat cakes

    Make breakfast fun with this gooey peanut butter and jam single-serve oat cakes! A fun and fab take on oats and the flavours of peanut butter and jam!

    Peanut butter & jam single serve oat cakes

    8. Vegan banana oatmeal with chocolate syrup

    Nutritious, delicious and oh so easy to make!

    Tired of skipping breakfast? Start your morning right with this vegan banana oatmeal with chocolate syrup!

    Vegan banana oatmeal with chocolate syrup

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