• So easy to make and delicious with a generous drizzle of the coconut toffee sauce.

    Sticky date & ginger puddings with coconut toffee sauce

    HANDS-ON TIME 30min | TOTAL TIME 1h | SERVES 4–6 | Vegan


    Sticky pudding

    • 1 cup pitted medjool dates,  chopped 
    • 1½ cups soy milk
    • 1 tsp vanilla essence
    • ½ cup vegan butter 
    • ½ cup light brown sugar 
    • 1½ cups cake flour 
    • 3 tsp baking powder 
    • 1 tsp salt 
    • ½ tsp nutmeg 
    • 1 tsp ground ginger 
    • 1 tsp cinnamon

    Toffee sauce

    • 1 tbsp maple syrup 
    • ½ cup dark brown sugar 
    • ½ cup vegan butter 
    • ½ tin coconut cream


    Sticky pudding

    PREHEAT oven to 180°C and spray  1 medium-large bundt cake tin or 6 small bundt cake moulds and set aside.

    PLACE chopped dates, milk and vanilla in a pot and heat over medium heat until the dates are soft. Add in the butter and sugar and stir until melted. 

    SIFT the flour, baking powder and spices together in a separate bowl. Pour the date mixture into the dry ingredients and mix well.

    DIVIDE batter between prepared moulds and bake for 45 min or until a skewer comes out clean. Allow to cool slightly before placing on a wire rack. 

    Toffee sauce

    COMBINE all the sauce ingredients except the coconut cream in a small pot over low heat. Once the sugar has melted, pour in the cream and allow to reduce slightly. 

    SERVE the puddings warm with the toffee sauce and enjoy.

    TIip from the team: Vegan butter is readily available at most supermarkets.



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