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Baked oats

What’s for breakfast? Try this delicious baked oats! INGREDIENTS 2 cups oats 3 Tbsp. honey + extra for drizzling 4 eggs 2 tsp. baking powder ½ cup milk 1½…

Quiche Primavera

Quiche Primavera

Get your fill of daily greens with this  creamy asparagus quiche.  INGREDIENTS 1½ cups flour  125 grams cold butter, chopped 1 egg yolk  2 Tbsp. iced water, approximately 170 grams…

Baked Feta Pasta recipe

Baked Feta Pasta

Originally called UuniFetaPasta, this simple yet deliciously indulgent dish caused a feta shortage in Finland due to its immense popularity. INGREDIENTS 300 grams baby tomatoes  ⅓ cup olive oil …